Productive System

Appealing to the senses

You can feel the high quality of our products at the very first touch. The entire production system is supported by modern and sophisticated work equipment and tools that allow you to meet the most discerning specifications, efficiently and at the desired time.

Planning and development

We plan and develop knitwear garments based on the client’s stylistic and dimensional specifications.

Our designers have the ability to recognise and assimilate the continuous changes in fashion, designing new models that respond to customer desires. The models for each season are developed in their entirety by our creative team

You can feel the high quality of our products at the very first touch. Following control points, every stage in our entire productive system is monitored by a team of professionals with the adequate technical competencies to control the entire process, from the moment we receive your order to the moment we deliver it.

Custom clothing
is the perfect expression
of who you are

Using a pattern that is exclusively yours, we craft your garments to your exact specifications.
From the beginning of the process to the final delivery we control the entire process.

It's about getting what you desire

The right fit;
The right fabric;
The right details;
The right style.


of Knitwear and Accessories

We have the capacity to develop, with our partners in the domestic and foreign market, various qualities of knitwear, covering the most diverse compositions and characteristics.

Laser Techniques
and Bonded Materials

In partnership with specialised partners, we can develop garments with the most demanding techniques: with laser, decorative taping and ultrasonic seams.

Visit our showroom

An interactive space where customers can anticipate all our product references, even before visiting international fairs. Differentiation is one of our strong bets, our visitors are guaranteed an individualised service of design and technical support in the strictest collaboration with our stylists.