With more than 20 of experience
we work from Guimarães to the world.

We work exclusively for the international market, particularly the United States of America, France, Germany, Israel and Great Britain. Along these 20 years, we have made made a strong investment in technology, in the development and qualification of the human resources and in a careful selection of suppliers.


Showing the unexpected
yet perfect

Visit our showroom! An interactive space where customers can anticipate all our product references, even before
visiting international fairs.

Products & Services

Beyond trend

Our designers have the ability to recognise and assimilate the continuous changes in fashion, designing new models that respond to customer desires. The models for each season are developed in their entirety by our creative team.

Appealing to the senses

You can feel the high quality of our products at the very first touch. Following control points, every stage in our entire productive system is monitored by a team of professionals with the adequate technical competencies to control the entire process.

Custom made

Using your own unique pattern, we produce the branded knitted garments, according to your exact specifications.